On this page, you will find the tapescripts for the videos/audio files that you can download to use together with Teaching Communication, Skills and Competencies for the International Workplace.


Extension Tasks and Reflection Activities: Tapescripts

Introductory Unit
Tapescript_Extension Task E-IU.1 (Book page 7)
Tapescript_Extension Task E-IU.2 (Book page 8)
Tapescript_Extension Task E-IU.3 (Book page 8)
Tapescript_Reflection Activity R-IU1.4 (Book page 17)
Tapescript_Extension Task E-IU.5 (Book page 33)

Unit 1
Tapescript_Extension Task E-1.1: Job Hunting (Book page 45)
Tapescript_Extension task E-1.3 (Book page 61)

Unit 2
Extension Task ET-2.1: CV and Resume (Book page 97)
Extension Task ET-2.2: Career Adviser (Book page 106)

Unit 6
Extension Task ET-6.1: Spoken Communication (Book page 213)

Unit 7
Extension Task ET-7.1: Work Appraisals (Book page 247)

Unit 8
Extension Task ET-8.1: Applying for Promotion (Book page 277)