Extension Task ET-IU.1

Pavlovian Conditioning

Brief introduction to Pavlovian conditioning and its influence on pedagogy

Extension Task ET-IU.2


Description of cognitivism as a learning theory with its central premise of learning as a set of internal mental processes

Extension Task ET-IU.3

Vygotsky’s Constructivism

Brief introduction to Vygotsky’s learning theory which focuses on the role that social and cultural interactions play in learning.

ET-IU.4_Overview of connectivism - Dr George Siemens

Unit 5-Task:

Ryan Spanger from Dream Engine https://www.dreamengine.com.au
on how to improve internal communication by using videos,
(Reproduced with permission)

Extension Task ET-2.1

CV and Resume

This is a brief description of the main differences between a CV and a resume.

Extension Task ET-6.1

Spoken Communication

This is a brief introduction to the nature and types of spoken communication in the workplace.