I was educated at the National University of Cordoba, Argentina (BA English Language Teaching), The University of Reading (MA in English Language Teaching) and Queen Mary, University of London (PhD Linguistics). I have lectured at Royal Holloway (London), Middlesex University (London), Queen Mary (London) and The University of Nottingham. I have examined doctoral students at The University of Essex, Warwick University, The University of Nottingham, and The University of Queensland (Australia).

I teach English language and academic literacy at the Centre for Education and Teaching Innovation (CETI), University of Westminster, London-UK. 



My research has focused mainly on:

  • Communication in professional contexts which has followed a discursive approach to analysing how professionals in a variety of contexts use communication to do their jobs, with a focus on mediated workplace communication
  • Academic writing as social practice in higher education which has been informed by academic literacies and has examined the role of writing in the construction and dissemination of disciplinary knowledge
  • Plurilingual students in higher education, leading to my work in  Edulingualism
  • Narrative discourse especially in the context of transnational mobility of students and academics.


For details of my research outputs, visit Academia